School Mission and Vision:

School Mission and Vision:


ENS is committed to efficiently and effectively nurture students’ academic and co-curricular potential within a conducive environment whose pillars are discipline and commitment.


ENS’s vision is to be a center of excellence in provision and promotion of quality education and promote strength of character through the development of personal responsibility, integrity, and the ability to learn and grow in a culturally diverse and technologically advanced society.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to producing self-directed, life-long learners by providing our diverse student body with the skills they need to become critical thinkers, collaborative workers, effective communicators, and technologically literate individuals.

Our mission is to have an educational institute that is competent in international standards and create students which demonstrate excellence in education as well as great moral values to overcome the real world challenges.

Our mission is to help people to develop their potential-both social and academics, by providing quality teaching and bases of good values.

The following are summary of our goals:

  • Creating a passion to learn among students

  • Developing students to get them conscious of their rights and responsibilities
  • Developing competent students by implementing the designed curriculum effectively
  • Motivate students to be innovative and meet the challenges of life creatively
  • Provide an educational system which helps students to develop and achieve their potential.
  • Educate pupils according to the country’s educational program
  • Enabling students to understand what good values are.
  • Attain best scores in grade 8 and 10 national exams.