Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The development of acceptable character that not only keep them from attitudes that hinder their fruitfulness, but also shape them in disciplined life their productivity and happiness. Our character building program has three elements: directing children to the development of positive characters through our annual behavioral development program (BDP), setting clearly defined rules to maintain our reaction to unacceptable characters and finally applying rational procedures in dealing with consequences to offences.

The employment of modern learning methods and resources in forwarding the teaching-learning process. This includes the use of participative learning and continuous capacity development programs among our students as well as staff.

ENS: Serving Truth, Serving People, Serving Generations

A.    Accreditation

Ethio National School is accredited by the local Education Bureau for running all levels of precollege education. i.e. from Kindergarten to grade 12.

 B.    Management

ENS is part of Zeleke and Amelework Enterprise P.L.C. As such, the highest body of management is the managing body of the P.L.C. However, the ownership has designated a management body to run the operation of the school. Thus customers are to be administered by the school management. However, when dire situations to meet the owners come, the P.L.C. management is willing to entertain maters as presented by the management or appealed directly by customers in writing.